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Fuente: Informe económico y comercial del ICEX, 2016

1. Political Framework

1. Government

Mali is a republic of unitary type. The legal base of his system is a constitution approved by referendum in January 1982. At the head of the country, there is the president of the republic, who is chosen by universal suffrage every five years, with a maximum of two mandates. Unlike many African countries, the constitution does not contemplate the extension of mandates.

The elections were celebrated on July 28 2013 in the first return and on August 11 in the second return with a participation lightly lower than 50% and giving the victory to Ibrahim Boubakar’s Keita, also know it like IBK.


2. Ministries

  1. Economy and Finance: Bouaré Fily Sissoko
  2. Digital Economy, information and communication: Mahamadou Camara
  3. Energy: Mamadou Frankalay Keita
  4. Industry and Investment Promotion: Moustapha Ben Barka
  5. Supplies and Transport: Mamadou Hachim Koumaré
  6. Governor of the Central Bank: Koné Tiemoko Meilliek
  7. Mines: Boubou Cissé
  8. Planning and Population: Cheikna Seydi Ahamadi Diawara
  9. Solidarity, Humanitarian Actions and Reconstruction of the North: Hamadou Konaté
  10. Trade: Abdel Karim Konnaté


3. Economic Policy

The growth and the economic stability will depend on the next years of the success of the political transition initiated in the middle of 2013 and of the pacification of the north.

The government granted 5 new permissions of mining exploitation during 2013, but her impact in the growth will depend on the evolution of the price of the gold on the international markets.

If the process of normalization is consolidated, the international help should stimulate the reconstruction of the infrastructure and the basic services with an immediate impact in the growth and the levels of poverty.

Nevertheless, the agriculture is a third part of the GDP and continues being very dependent on the evolution of the rains, And for the present time, the new government has given signs to be going to do something with the agrarian policy.