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1. Introduccion

The law that creates the free economic zone of Nouadhibou was promulgated in 2013. The inauguration was made it by the president of the republic, Mr. Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz the 24 June 2013.

A big project, an ambitious vision without pragmatism. The active are there, the economic potential also.

The decision, the good one, was made it and everything started quickly and efficiently: In a few month, the legal and institutional framework has been launched. The authority of the free economic zone was installed, specifically, the single window has approved 50 companies, the custom barrier has been lifted, the vision has been translated in the form of operational master plan and multi-year development plan, the free economic zone is visited daily by investors from everywhere. They launch different projects (Tourism, Industry, Fishing, Trade, Infrastructure,…)

The international institutions express their availability and support to the free economic zone of Nouadhibou. A social and economic development without precedents. The free zone includes all Nouadhibou and part of the peninsula and the bay, and the entire maritime zone up to 2 nautical miles from coast.

In this perspective, the mission of the free economic zone of Nouadhibou is to work for reaching the following objectives:

  • Attract new investments and encourage the development of the private sector
  • Development the infrastructure of the area
  • Promote the development of Nouadhibou to convert it in a competitive cluster and in a regional center of international class.
  • Made new works and improve the professional abilities of the national workers
  • Promote the economic and social development of Mauritania