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Who we are: CanAfrik is a company established in the Canary Islands and directed by Mrs. Fatimata Sogho M'baye.

Our mission: CanAfrik serves as a connection point between the Canary Islands and West Africa and aims to support any company with a business interest in West Africa. We also assist African companies that need to conduct business in the Canary Islands.

As professionals based in the Canary Islands, we provide security by having direct knowledge of the markets and the destination business culture. We facilitate a rapid adaptation to the environment with the consequent cost savings, thus obtaining a high degree of satisfaction from our customers.

Our value: We are professionals with close commercial and institutional relationships with the African countries where we carry out our activity, and we offer a personalized, continuous and professional treatment. When necessary, we accompany you on your business trip to the Canary Islands or West Africa.

How we do it: We offer a multidisciplinary service directly with our own means or by collaborating occasionally with other experts on issues related to our service offering (commercial or customs agents, carriers, translators, business consultants, specialist in subsidies, financing and investments, advice legal, project management, tenders, etc ...). Our goal is to facilitate the success of your business objectives.

Confidentiality: All information received about your business affairs will be treated with the utmost discretion and confidentiality. This absolute discretion is guaranteed also once the provision of services is completed or in the event that no professional relationship is ever carried out.