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Fuente: Informe económico y comercial del ICEX, 2016

1. Political Situation

1. Government

The republic of Senegal is follow a model politician-administrative of French cut, and is a modal of democratic stability in Western Africa. It has been one of the few African countries through that a coup has not lived from his independence in 1960. Macky Sall was undressed on April 2 2012 as the fourth president of the republic. The next presidential elections will be celebrated in 2019.


2. Ministries

Department of Economy and Finance (M. Amadou BA), on whom there depends the custom and fiscal administration, and the departments of foreign financing and investments and debt.

The Secretary Delegated in the Department of Economy and Finance, manager of the Budget. (M. Birima Mangara)

Department of the promotion of the investments and partnerships (Madame Khoudia Mbaye). It is of recent creation and scarcely it relies on structure, but on him depends the Agency of Promotion of Investments (APIX), whose principal function is the support and the promotion of the IDE. (M. Mountaga SY).

Department of Trade, Informal Sector, Consumption, Promotion of local Products and of the SMES (M. Alioune Sarr). Manager of the commercial relations, negotiation of agreements and promotion of exports.

Inside the sectorial departments of major interest, they stand out:

Agriculture and Rural Equipment. (M. Papa Abdoulaye SECK)

Department of Industries and Mines. (M. Aly Ngouille NDIAYE)

Department of Fishing and Maritime Economy. (M. Oumar GUEYE)

Department of Tourism and Air Transport (Mme. Mamimouma NDOYE SECK)

Department of Energy and Development of the Energies (M. Thierno Alassane SALL). M. El – Hadji Omar YOUM, Ex chief of the office of the president Sall and named in June 2015, president of the electrical national company, SENELEC.

Department of infrastructure and Terrestrial Transport (M. Mansour Elimane KANE); to that there is assigned AGEROUTE (Agency of Construction Roads)

Department of Hydraulics and Reparation; That guardianship the state companies SONE (Société Nationale de l’Assainissement du Sénégal), SDE (Société des Eaux) and ONAS (Office National of l’Assainissement du Sénégal)

Department of Urban Renovation, Habitat and Living Conditions (M. Diene Farba SARR)

Department of the environment and of the sustainable development. (M. Abdoulaye BALDE)


3. Economic Policy

The “Plan Senegal Emergente” (PSE) is a set of public sectorial policies, so much in regulative matter as of public investments, directed to turning Senegal into an emergent country of here 2035, with a rate of growth in the medium term of 7% – 8%.

The PSE is constructed on 3 axes:

  1. Structural Transformation of the economy and growth
  2. The human capital, social and protection and sustainable development;
  3. Governance, institutions, peace and security.


And it rests on 3 economic aims to managing during the next 10 years:

  1. A rate of growth per year of 7% - 8%
  2. The creation of 600.000 formal employments
  3. To reach a GDP per capita of 1.500 USD

The “Plan de Acciones Prioritarias” (PAP) 2014 – 2018 is the document that gives form to the PSE in the next years. He identifies 27 projects and 8 reforms beacon that they must have strong impact in the growth. The PAP reaches a total amount of 14.77M€, and contemplates two routes of financing depending on the nature of the project: Public financing and regime of the private public partnership. The electricity, the terrestrial infrastructure, the corridors and the agriculture of high added value, as well as the construction of integral parks and logistics centers. The exploitation of the zinc is in execution. The port services and the electrical sector; the reform of the property and the labor legislation.