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Services in Africa

Services in Africa

Markets Studies

Market studies

CanAfrik will expose you in a detailed report what is the current situation in your sector, including an analysis of demand and existing competition, available distribution channels, prices, regulations and other import requirements, as well such as reports on potential business partners tailored to the needs of your company and any other relevant data.

Our studies are practical and are tailored to your company, its main objective being to evaluate the existing space in the market for your product or service, as well as the different ways to fit into it.

Business Partner Identification

The personalized service for identifying business partners provides a list of potential partners and analyzes the market in search of those candidates that best fit the defined profile and the needs of your company (distributors, importers, agents, end customers, manufacturers, representatives, prescribers, etc.) in a certain market and presents their offer of products and services by email on their behalf, contacts them by phone to confirm the degree of interest of each of them in a possible collaboration, and verifies their importance and reputation. The contacts are verified, updated and adjusted to the needs of the client companies.

The proven selection of potentially interested partners is essential for business success abroad.

Commercial and logistic advice

Attracting attention and generating sympathy in the first phase of contact is a key factor for business success. In addition to preparing all the documentation in French, we will help you adapt, among other aspects, formats, packaging, shipping and payment conditions, complementary services such as technical and / or training assistance, to multiply your chances of success in your market penetration objective. Thus so that no language and no culture represent a brake on its commercial expansion.

Your company will be more competitive the more adapted it is to what your potential clients and / or business partners demand and wish to receive.

We are your base to evaluate your existing space in the market for your product or service in Africa Occidental