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Fuente: Informe económico y comercial 

1. Political Framework

1. Government

Mauritania is an Islamic Republic presided by Mohamed Ould Abdelaziz, who reach the power after a coup in 2008. With the mediation of the president of Senegal they summoned elections in 2009. Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz was chosen with the 52% of the votes, being reelected on June 21 2014 with the 82% of the votes.


2. Ministries

The economic matters are managed by the Department of Economy and Finance. In what concerns the development of the private sector, it takes charge conceiving, executing and evaluating strategy of promotion of the private sector and the programs that stimulate the private investments so much national as foreigners, especially regarding the improvement of the business climate.

Other departments with topics of economic interest can be: Department of Oil, Energy and Mines; Department of Fishing and Maritime Economy; Department of the Habitat, Urbanism and Land Management; Department of Trade, Industry and Tourism; Department of Equipment and Transport and the Department of Hydraulics and Reparation.


3. Economic Policy

The aims of the economic policy are multiple:

  1. To simulate the investment in infrastructure and introduction of structural reforms that improves the business climate and attraction of foreign direct investment.
  2. To improve the access to the financing for the PYME and the development of the financial system including incentives to the banking system.
  3. To improve the payments systems and in the risks management.
  4. Introduce plans of sectorial development that allows reducing the dependence of the mining sector, increasing the exporting base
  5. Promote a development that protects the weakest, with a better access to the education, health and economic compensations to the most unprotected.

The government is carrying out efforts to increase the public investments and to improve the economic competitiveness, included the focusing in sectors of activity with special comparative advantages in the agricultural, fishing or cattle frame, in order diversify the sources of wealth and export.